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Anemia is related to a problem with the hemoglobin cell that carries oxygen throughout the body. When the body is unable to get enough oxygen to the cells and tissues the body feels weak and fatigued.
Anemia is generally related to insufficient iron, vitamin B12, or folic acid, all of which are required to make hemoglobin.

Foods For Anemia

Liver – Chicken liver is very high in iron and vitamin B12 and a variety of other important minerals, make sure you include grass fed, organic liver. 

Vitamin C – Vitamin C helps with iron absorption. 

Green leafy vegetables
 – These provide a significant amount of iron and folic acid. Raw spinach is high in oxalic acid which can reduce iron absorption, however steaming spinach will this reduce this acid.  Other green leafy vegetables to include are steamed kale and broccoli.

Foods to Avoid

Chocolate – Chocolate contains a substance that removes iron from your body, so it is best to avoid when you are trying to increase your iron levels.

 – Bran is high in insoluble fiber that traps and removes iron during digestion.

Conventional dairy
 – Calcium binds with iron in foods and can lead to poor absorption.
Soda – Soda is high in sugar and poor in nutrients and it blocks iron absorption.
Coffee and black tea – Excessive coffee intake may block iron absorption, so reduce it to no more than one cup per day.

Anemia Natural Cures

 Iron (25-30 mg daily)

Look for iron chelate which is generally well absorbed.  
Take with a vitamin C source and avoid calcium supplements.  Iron supplements can cause constipation, therefore, it is important to confirm that Anemia is being caused by iron deficiency.  
Vitamin B12 (1,000 mcg daily)
A deficiency in vitamin B12 may cause anemia, but since B12 is water soluble it is generally not harmful for most people to take as a supplement. Your doctor may recommend higher levels of B12 if you are deficient.
Folic acid (800-1200 mcg daily)
Folate deficiency can also lead to anemia. Your doctor may recommend a higher level than what is listed here.
Vitamin C 500 mg daily
Vitamin C helps with absorption of iron.
Green powder
Choose one that contains vitamin B12 and folic acid.

Essential Oils For Anemia 

Ginger oil and Citrus oils can also improve anemia symptoms because they may improve iron absorption.
Consider trying these anemia natural cures to see fast results.

Candida Diet Foods to Eat & Avoid - Dr.Axe

Zinc has the ability to kill H. pylori, specifically liquid zinc in the form of zinc sulphate.  This is a great place to start.  A company called BodyBio makes a liquid zinc that I like a lot.  I’ve seen people use 15 drops twice a day with pretty good success.  Zinc is also believed to be one of the minerals needed to produce your own HCL, so that can be a nice bonus.  If you’re using HCL supplementation, including zinc in your protocol may be a good idea because doing so will give your body an additional tool it can use to make its own HCL.  Empirical Labs makes a digestive enzyme called HCL-Zyme that includes a little bit of zinc.  This is a great formula to use when you’re trying to increase HCL production.
Along with zinc, it is also popular to use an amino acid, L-Carnosine, for this issue.  You can even find “zinc carnosine” manufactured by many companies.  I still like to use the liquid zinc even if I’m going to use zinc carnosine.  If I use plain L-Carnosine capsules with the liquid zinc, one L-Carnosine, capsule twice a day seems to be effective.


Since H. pylori are happier in an alkaline environment, increasing stomach acid is always an important step.  Not only can H. pylori scarf up all your hydrogen so the body can’t make much HCL, they also pee ammonia.  Ammonia is an alkaline substance and can alkalize the stomach even further, totally pimping out their pad to optimize life for H. pylori.

Candida & Vitamin B-12

Candida infections are associated with a weakened immune system and nutrient deficiencies, which include B-12 and folate, including vitamin C.

Candida normally live in your body and do not cause problems unless allowed to overgrow. 

Anti-fungal medications are available over the counter, but it is important to receive a diagnosis from your doctor. 

Treatment typically lasts between three and 14 days depending on the severity of your infection. 

A daily B-complex supplement may also help. But If you have a clinical B-12 deficiency, you need B-12 injections.